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K9 Group

The Quakertown Police Department K-9 Unit was first formed in 2007 with the help of federal grant money, the support of the Police Staff, and overwhelming support from the community. Since the Unit's inception, the Police Department has supported the use of Police Canines to aid in the department’s crime detection and crime prevention efforts. 

At present, we have two Police K-9 teams. Our K-9 teams are also available to assist other Police Departments when help is needed. Putting the best K-9 team together involves a thorough selection process. 

Our K-9 handlers, Bryan Lockwood (pictured below left along with his K-9 "Jax") and Paul Houseknecht (pictured below right with his K-9 "Fury") are full-time Quakertown Police Officers.

bryan, jaxfury, paul

The Officers were chosen through a selection process that had taken many things into consideration:

  • Ability to meet the physical demands of a K-9 handler’s duties
  • Service records
  • Length of employment
  • Their dependability and proactive approach to policing
  • Ability to interact with the community and maintain positive relations
  • Ability to handle the additional responsibility of caring and maintaining a police K-9.
  • Most importantly, the Officer must have a love of dogs and be willing to make a long-term commitment to the K-9 Unit.

Our K-9 Officers, Jax and Fury, are both German Shepherd dogs because the breed has historically proven themselves as effective Police Dogs. The German Shepherd dog is distinguished because of its loyalty, courage, and the ability to absorb and retain training to perform a number of special services. These dogs have inherited traits that make them even-tempered, poised, and confident. These dogs also have well-developed instinctive drives, and an ability to create a strong bond with the handler. 

Each K-9 Unit has a different area of specialized training and expertise. Fury has been specially trained in Narcotics Detection, and Jax is specially trained in Explosives Detection, but both are also trained Patrol Officers. They are both trained to track and apprehend suspects, as well as tracking missing children and Alzheimer’s patients. 

jax fury

The teams have received requests for public appearances and demonstrations of the teams’ abilities. To request a public K-9 demonstration, please contact the Quakertown Police Department Administration at (215) 536-5002 or email the Officers at k9@quakertown.org

The K-9 Units are supported by generous donations from groups, businesses and residents. To help support the Unit, checks for donations can be made out to the Borough of Quakertown with a notation on the check that it is for a K-9 Unit donation.  

Click the link for a video made by QHS students of a K-9 presentation at the high school: 2014 K-9 presentation

Lockwoodmatt k9