Child Safety Seat Program

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As part of the Quakertown Borough Police Department's continuing efforts of traffic safety education specially trained police are available to install and inspect child safety seats.

Please contact Officer Mario Cabrera at for installation and questions about your child seat.


"Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury to children in the United States. In Pennsylvania each year, approximately 7,000 children under five (5) years of age are involved in crashes. Children who weigh less than 20 pounds and are under one (1) year of age should ride in rear-facing child safety seats.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ride rear-facing for as long as possible in rear-facing seats designed to accommodate weights up to 35 pounds. Never install a rear-facing child safety seat in the front seat if an air bag is present. In a crash, the air bag will hit the back of the child seat with tremendous force, which will be transmitted to the infant’s head causing severe injury or death.

If you are transporting children under age eight (8) who, by law, must ride in federally-approved child safety seats or booster seats, read your vehicle owner’s manual and the directions that came with the seat so you know how to tightly attach the seat to your vehicle’s seat and how to secure the children snuggly in their child seats."