Community Pool Rental

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The Quakertown Community Pool is available for rental for your party!  Plan that big event with a night at the pool. 

Availability: Sunday through Saturday: 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Memorial Day through Labor Day, depending upon life-guard availability.
Fees: Reservation of the pool is subject to a refundable clean up/damage deposit(s):
Reservation/Damage Deposit: $100.00 refundable (cash only)

½ Pool – Wading Area – 4’
Includes 4 Lifeguards and 1 Manager
Maximum swimmers – 100

Full Pool – Wading Area – 6’ (except diving well)
Includes 7 Lifeguards and 1 Manager
Maximum swimmers – 200

Call 215.536.5001 x 136 for pricing of parties over 200 swimmers.

Full payment of rental fee must be paid three (3) days prior to rental. Fees must be made in person, M-F between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at: 
            Quakertown Borough 
            35 North Third Street 
            Quakertown, PA 18951

Rules & Regulations:
1. All pool rules apply to the reservation except where noted below.
2. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis and must be made at least 10 days prior to the date of the event.
3. All pool amenities are included in the rental fee, except diving well.
4. Diving and swimming are prohibited in the diving well area.
5. Electric outlets are available for small electronic devices. (Radios, CD players, etc.)
6. Groups with children six years old or younger must have at least one adult to every three children.
7. An application for reservation of the pool will be reviewed and considered only when the Reservation Policy and Application have been completed and all fees and deposits have been received by the Borough. The review process takes at least 3 business days
8. In the event an application is denied, fees and deposits will be returned to the Applicant.
9. Each applicant is responsible for the clean-up of the pool area. The pool area must be left clean and clear of litter and other debris.
10. Clean-up must be completed within the time period as determined by the pool manager. All trash must be placed in waste containers. The pool staff will inspect for compliance. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.
11. All food and beverages must stay in the reserved café space. No food or drinks are allowed by the swimming pool. No glass containers are allowed.
12. No alcohol beverages are allowed.
13. Diving well is not available for rental. No swimmers are allowed to enter the diving well area. Violation of this will result in the removal of the individual from the pool.


1. A seven (7) day cancellation notice is required in order to receive a refund of reservation and damage deposit.

2. The pool manager has the right, but not the obligation, to postpone, cancel, or close the event and the use of the pool because of hazardous weather conditions or other acts of God or for public safety and welfare, as the pool manager may determine in his sole discretion. The Borough shall have no liability for such postponement, cancellation or closing. Further, the Borough shall have no liability from the failure to postpone, cancel or close the event early under such conditions. A refund of the reservation fee and the damage deposit will be made or the reservation may be rescheduled depending on schedule availability. No partial refunds will be made.

Disruptive Conduct:

1. Any person may be ejected or removed from the pool for disruptive conduct or inappropriate behavior, such as, but is not limited to: abusive, indecent, profane or vulgar language which by its very utterance tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace; and intentionally or knowingly causing physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.

Items Requiring Pre-Approval at the sole discretion of the Pool Manager:
1. Portable Equipment / Furniture / Games 
        a. Use of portable equipment/games, rental equipment or furnishings must receive approval by the Pool Manager prior to the issuance of a pool rental permit.
2. Decorations 
        a. Use of decorations which are to be affixed or attached to any structure or object at the pavilion using tape, glue, tacks, nails, etc. is prohibited without the Pool Manager’s prior approval.
3. Inflatable Pool Toys/Rafts 
        a. The use of inflatables could have an adverse impact on the pool equipment if popped. Use of these products is prohibited without the Pool Manager’s prior approval.

Borough Rights:

1. The Borough of Quakertown reserves the right to cancel any permit for any reason, at any time.
2. The Borough of Quakertown reserves the right to schedule special events for the Borough that would conflict with, and regardless of, prior reservations. Applicants who have reserved the use of a pavilion will have the option of rescheduling or having the deposit refunded.