Quakertown Action Park

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Quakertown Action Park is home of Free Fall Action Sports

Quakertown Action Park is an exciting local initiative working to transform Main Street Park, the skate park and surrounding areas, into a state-of-the-art Action Sports recreation and training facility that benefits our youth and the community at large. Completion of this project will provide an amazing place for youth of all ages to come together regularly and progress in their sport in a safe, positive and community-friendly environment.

The current skate park was installed in 2003. By 2008, the Borough was struggling to manage it and there were some incidents of vandalism and criminal mischief. This is when the local churches and people from the community stepped in to provide regular cookouts and competitions.

In April 2011, the Borough Council appointed the Quakertown Main Street Park Committee to explore ways to expand and revitalizing the Park.

In August 2016, the Borough Public Works department “broke ground” by relocating the basketball courts to make room for the newly expanded park.

2017 was a year of incredible generosity, as partners from all sectors came together to raise over ¾ of a million in one year! Local church and business partners kicked off the initiative by raising $100k. In March, family business partners, Marcho Family, Bergey’s Auto Dealerships, and Hatfield Quality Meats, pledged $300k of matching funds needed to pursue the DCED and DCNR P.A. State Grants. This was applied for in April. The Tony Hawk Foundation came on board in the summer. In December, we found out we were awarded a total of $350k in P.A. State Grants! This caped off an incredible year of funding momentum that was nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

In 2018, the plan is to continue Phase 1 and construct a building that will be the home base of operations for both the Quakertown Borough Parks and Recreation Department and Free Fall Action Sports. The building will include a snack stand, bathrooms, shared meeting area, Free Fall office and media room, and Quakertown Borough Parks and Recreation space.

Phase 2 and 3, the addition of the new destination skatepark, walking paths, parking updates, and more, are to follow shortly after. Please join our team today and help Expand our Park and Inspire our Next Generation!


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Donate Now to support the Quakertown Action Park. Donations may be monetary, in-kind, supply or service. Contributions are tax-deductible under IRS code 170 (c) (1). Make checks payable to: Quakertown Borough c/o Action Park or by clicking the link below

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Email quakertownactionpark@gmail.com to get involved.

Find us on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/QuakertownSkatepark