Quakertown Fire Department Volunteers

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The Quakertown Fire Department is an all volunteer organization consisting of two stations, Quakertown Fire Company #1—Station 17 located on Broad Street in Quakertown and the West End Fire Company—Station 18 located on Park Avenue in Quakertown.

The Quakertown Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency response to all of Quakertown Borough, much of Richland Township and a small portion of East Rockhill Township. We also promote fire prevention through community involvement as well as through a partnership with local schools and day care centers.


Your Fire Department is also your first line of defense for: Homeland Security, Bio-terrorist Emergencies, Hazardous Materials Incidents, Special Rescue Emergencies, Disaster Management, Emergency Medical Services Assistance, Fire Police Services and Public Services as needed.

Your Fire Department is supported by donations from municipalities it serves, from residents, and local businesses. Yearly, each fire company will request your support through a fund drive mailing: Quakertown Fire Company #1—Spring Mailing, West End Fire Company—Fall Mailing. Your support of our fund raising events is needed and appreciated. Our volunteers host many fund raising events each year like our Carnival, Basket Bingos, Flee Markets, Craft Shows, Bingos and Raffle Ticket Sales. Just like your homes and businesses, costs continue to rise and your support provides us with the additional funds needed to operate.


Your Fire Department protects the assets and property of local, national, and even global companies located within its coverage area. Last year alone we responded to 686 responses, spending almost 13,397 man hours protecting families, properties and businesses. In 2011 your fire department responded to 452 Fire Responses, 52 Officer Responses, 134 Fire Police Responses and 48 Quick Response Service (EMS) Responses. A total of 13,003 volunteers responded to these emergencies.

“100% Volunteer”

Did you know….
The fire service is in need of men and women in their community to volunteer their time performing various duties. Did you know that your local fir company is 100% volunteer? That includes the firefighters you see on the street, the office staff that manages the business aspects, and the dedicated members who raise funds to keep the Fire Department running.

We are currently accepting applications for trained and non trained members. Firefighters will be trained in various aspects of firefighting and rescue skills through the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center, which is affiliated with the Bucks County Community College. We also need members who are willing to dedicate their time for fundraising events. The Fire Department relies on fundraisers to help with our day to day expenses. Members who join for fundraising would become part of our valuable group of members who commit to making sure our fundraisers are successful so we can meet our monetary needs.

For All Ages:
A Fire Department is good for men and women of all ages.

Ages 14 – 18:

  • Earn college credits through the Bucks County Community College while you train to be a firefighter. All training is free!
  • Use the experience and community service for your senior project.
  • Add to your resume for job opportunities after high school and entrance in colleges.

Ages 18 and up:

  • There are volunteers of all ages in the Fire Department.
  • Volunteering looks great on a job application for young adults who have recently graduated high school or are seeking employment after college.
  • Young adults have a place to spend their time with other members their own age and have access to our family furnished lounge areas which include free internet, tv, and game consoles.
  • Members with families have a place to bring their kids and be involved in family oriented activities.


We Will Train You

When you join the Fire Department, we will train you in all the qualities you need to be a successful firefighter. This includes, but not limited to free training through the Bucks County Community College.
You will also receive any gear and equipment needed to perform your duties as a firefighter. The Quakertown Fire Department strives to equip its members with quality equipment and apparatus. Membership is cost free.

Fun Times

While firefighting is a very serious job, the officers and members of the Quakertown Fire Department recognize the need to have some fun. Throughout the year, the members participate in various activities, such as playing softball against other fire companies, as well as other family oriented activities.


Your help is needed. Volunteers Wanted.
Don’t just live in your community …… HELP PROTECT IT.

Are you willing to help your community? For Additional Information or a membership application contact either of the Quakertown Fire Department Stations listed below:

Quakertown Fire Co. #1                                                                                                   West End Fire Company
Broad St., Quakertown                                                                                               Park Avenue, Quakertown
Bill Weber (267) 688-1062                                                                                Kevin Neubert (267) 228-7015
www.qfc1.org                                                                                                                                 www.westendfire.org