Meter Readings

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The Utility Meter and Reads
The Borough of Quakertown utilizes meter readers who make every effort to read your meter every month. Our meter readers and utility service personnel will carry a picture identification card, which you should ask to see for your protection. Also, all Borough vehicles are clearly identified with the Borough logo. Please call the Borough of Quakertown immediately at 267-347-5009 if you have questions about the identity of an employee.

The meter is the property of the Borough of Quakertown. It is illegal for you to remove the utility meter or tamper with it. You have the responsibility to give the utility access to the meter in order to read it and maintain it. You must make the meter accessible by keeping it free from obstructions that the utility person may encounter at your residence. If you have a pet, you should restrain it. If there are obstacles in the way, you should remove them.

Supplying Your Own Meter Readings
If you would like all your bills to be based on actual meter readings instead of estimates, you may supply the utility with your readings. The Borough of Quakertown accepts your meter reading by telephone at 267-347-5009 or through email at . You may also ask for meter reading cards from the Borough and return them by the date listed on the card. Make sure to include your name, service address, account number and read. Remember, if you supply the readings, the Borough has the responsibility to take an actual reading every 12 months. You and the Borough have the responsibility to make arrangements for meter readings if the meter is in a locked place. If your bill has been estimated for several months, your actual bill may be increased or decreased according to the usage indicated by the actual meter reading.

How Do I Read My Meter?
An electric meter records the total amount of electricity used. You can check your bill by learning to read your own meter. It can be easily read if you understand some basic rules. Each of the five dials represents one digit of the present reading. As you can see below, the dials move both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Here's how to read your electric meter:
•Read all the dials
•When the hand on any dial is between two numbers, read the smaller number
•When a hand is directly on a number, read that number
•When the hand to the right is on or just past zero; if it's not quite there, take the smaller number

In this example, the meter reading is 73256

Keep in mind that when the meter reader reads your meter, he does NOT set it back to zero. Therefore the dials keep turning until the next time the meter is read. By subtracting two consecutive readings, the amount of kilowatt hours is determined for the month. The Borough of Quakertown staff use hand-held devices to record the meter reading. The computer immediately checks to see if the reading is about the same as the previous month. If it is quite a bit lower or higher, the meter reader is asked to re-read the dials to make sure the reading is correct. This helps insure your bill is accurate each and every month!

Meter read cards are available online or at Borough Hall and should be mailed to:

QB Utility Processing
35 North Third Street
Quakertown, PA 18951