Medical Seal Policy

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Customer Service -

Monday-Thursday - 8:00am-6:30pm - 267-347-5009 or

Friday- 8:00am-4:30pm - 267-347-5009 or

Utility Emergency-After Hours - 215-721-3520

Customers must provide a letter from a physician that states the patient’s name, address and that a life-threatening condition exists that requires continued use of electricity and/or water.

If the doctor’s letter meets the criteria for a medical seal or an exception for a temporary seal has been made by a supervisor, notice will be given to the electric department and to the billing office. Depending on the documentation, electricity and/or water will not be disconnected for non-payment at properties with medical seals.

The customer will receive a confirmation letter advising them of the placement of the medical seal. The letter includes a paragraph stating that the Borough will make every attempt to help the customer in case of an emergency. However, depending on the scope of the emergency, the Borough may not be able to assist them as quickly as needed and they should consider having a backup plan. This could be in the form of a location to take the patient – i.e., a hospital with emergency power supply or a backup device such as a battery or generator available at their home.

Additionally, the letter advises them that if they cannot pay the bill, they must call the Borough to make arrangements for the payment. As long as satisfactory arrangements are made and the minimum arranged amount is paid each month, the Borough will waive the penalty while the medical seal is in place. The amount to be paid each month shall be negotiated by the Utility Billing Office in conjunction with their supervisor. If the customer does not adhere to the arrangements of the payment plan, the penalty will be charged.

If the customer agrees to pay a certain amount and finds that they cannot meet that arrangement, they must contact the Utility Billing Office to make a different arrangement; however, to have the penalty waived, the amount paid shall never be less than 20% of the amount of each bill.

If the balance on the account reaches $2,000 a lien will be placed on the property and subsequent liens will be placed for each $2,000 accrued. If we feel that a bankruptcy is imminent, the Borough Manager will be consulted and a lien may be placed even though the amount has not reached the $2,000 level.

The Borough will contact the customer's physician periodically to ask for an update as to whether the medical condition has changed. If the seal is removed (the medical condition no longer exists), the current bill must be paid on time and the past due balance must be paid off within six months. During those six months, penalty will not be charged.

If the customer is a tenant, the landlord is ultimately responsible for the bill. The landlord will be notified of the request for a medical seal as a lien could be filed on the property for non-payment.

If the customer is struggling to pay the bill on time, the Borough will waive the penalties for tenants in the same manner as it does for owners. The Borough will attempt to make payment arrangements that will keep the balance down to protect the landlord.

If the payment of the bill becomes a problem, the Borough reserves the right to request an examination of the patient by an independent physician at the Borough’s expense. If the physician concurs that the condition is life-threatening, the Borough Manager will make the determination as to the action that will be taken – i.e. lien or legal action.

You can download the Medical Certification Application here.