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The Borough of Quakertown is a full service municipality that owns and maintains the water, sewer and electric utilities. This offers the Borough specific benefits when it comes to rental properties. State legislation known as the Municipal Claims and Liens Act allows municipal utilities to hold property owners responsible for tenant debt. This could include action against the landlord for the amount due for service provided at the owner's property which could be in the form of a municipal claim lien.

We will take every step available to ensure that the tenant pays their utility bill, but sometimes we need to turn to the landlord for payment. The following procedures allow us to remedy those tenants who have delinquent accounts.

Disconnection of utilities occurs when an account becomes 15 days delinquent. Notice is given prior to shut-off to allow the tenant an opportunity to pay the delinquent account and avoid shut off. Often times a renter will call the utility billing office requesting to make payments on their account to avoid shut-off. The Borough will not make any payment arrangements with a tenant without landlord approval.

This procedure is only used from April 1 through December 1 for residential properties. Electric disconnects during the winter months may cause freezing water pipes and other complications associated with the cold weather, so electric shut off is not used as a means for collection of past due electric accounts other than the time frame stated above. We will shut off water for past due electric accounts.

Collection of Delinquencies
If an account holding renter relocates to another residence in the Borough of Quakertown without paying the final bill on the previous account, that final bill is paid from the security deposit. If there is an outstanding balance on the account after the security deposit is depleted, the new account will remain open for 30 days. If payment is not made in full, the new account will be shut off.

If all efforts to collect the debt from the account-holding renter are unsuccessful, the Borough will seek payment of the debt by the property owner. All municipal charges, including utility charges, must be paid at or before settlement if the property is being sold. Therefore, if necessary, the Borough will file a lien against the property that must be satisfied when the property is sold.

Tenant Budget Plan
The Borough recently changed its ordinance to allow tenants the ability to enter into the budget plan, with their landlords consent. Similar to the Budget Plan for homeowners, there are certain criteria that must be met prior to entering into the Tenant Budget plan. A tenant must complete the Tenant Budget Application form and have the landlord authorize that they are in agreement.

1. The tenant must have established residency in their location for at least one year.
2. The tenant must have a zero account balance.
3. The tenant must be delinquent free for at least twelve months.
4. The tenant must be made aware that their account will be audited annually and an adjustment may be made.

Duplicate Bill
As a service to landlords, the Borough of Quakertown will mail a duplicate of all monthly bills and disconnect notices directly to the landlord for an annual charge of $15.00 per account. To arrange for this service, please complete the Landlord Duplication Bill form and forward it along with a check made payable to the Borough of Quakertown.