Budget Billing

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Budget Billing – Plan Your Utility Expenses
The Borough of Quakertown offers budget billing on a year-round enrollment basis. You have the right to request budget billing. Budget billing is an agreement you make with the Borough to have your bills averaged throughout the year. To be eligible for Budget Billing, you must be delinquent-free for one year. The Borough will review 12 months billing history and adjust the amount of your bill based on your usage. You will be billed the same amount each month even though your usage may vary from season to season. At the end of your budget year, if you must pay a large amount to settle the difference from what you actually used, you can ask the Borough to spread the amount over several billing periods. If you do not pay your monthly budget amount on time for two (2) consecutive billing periods, the Borough will remove you from budget billing and you will be required to pay the balance in full. The budget billing program may make it easier for you to plan your utility expenses. If you are interested in signing up for the Budget Billing for utilities, please complete the Budget Agreement and return it to utilitybilling@quakertown.org .

All budget accounts are monitored multiple times over the course of the year to verify proper averages are maintained. Similar to most other utility companies, the Borough of Quakertown Budget billing accounts do not balance out at the end of the year. Budget amounts may change at any time during the course of the year. Customers will be notified of any change to the billing and a new Budget Agreement must be signed and returned. Failure to sign the form will result in the account being changed back to a normal billing account. Any outstanding amounts will become immediately due.

Residential Owner Occupied Budget
In order to enroll in budget billing, your utility account must be at a zero balance. The account must be in the name of the occupant of the address in order to be eligible for the Budget Billing. 

Tenant Budget
The Borough recently changed its ordinance to allow tenants the ability to enter into the budget plan, with their landlords consent. Similar to the Budget Plan for homeowners, there are certain criteria that must be met prior to entering into the Tenant Budget plan. A tenant must complete the Tenant Budget Application form and have the landlord authorize that they are in agreement.

1. The tenant must have established residency in their location for at least one year.
2. The tenant must have a zero account balance.
3. The tenant must be delinquent free for at least twelve months.
4. The tenant must be made aware that their account will be audited annually and an adjustment may be made.

Commercial Budget 
Commercial customers requesting the budget billing must own the property where the commercial enterprise is located and the services must be in their name. Commercial Rental tenants are not eligible for the budget billing.