Utility Billing

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Customer Service -

Monday-Thursday - 8:00am-6:30pm - 267-347-5009 or utilitybilling@quakertown.org

Friday- 8:00am-4:30pm - 267-347-5009 or utilitybilling@quakertown.org

Utility Emergency-After Hours - 215-721-3520

The Borough of Quakertown is dedicated to servicing your utility needs.  As a utility customer, you have many important rights and responsibilities to ensure fair dealings between you and the Borough of Quakertown. The below information highlights your rights relating to the Borough of Quakertown’s utility billing, credit, dispute, and disconnection practices. 

These rights and responsibilities include your right to:
*Safe and reliable utility service.
*A clear and concise bill.
*Fair credit and deposit policies.

You also have the right to:
*Know how your utility bill is calculated.
*Check your utility bill for accuracy.
*Question or disagree with the billing calculations.
*Receive continuous utility service if you meet your responsibilities.

You have the responsibility to:
*Pay your bill on time.
*Provide the Borough access to its meter.
*Give the Borough at  least 7 days advance notice before you move or wish to have service discontinued.

You have additional protections if you are seriously ill or a member of the household is seriously ill.

The Borough has the responsibility to honor all of these rights. You, the customer, should know your rights and fulfill your responsibilities to maintain your service.

Sewer Credit
Borough policy allows for a sewer credit once a year for filling or topping off a swimming pool. In order to receive this credit, please return the correctly completed Sewer Credit form to utilitybilling@quakertown.org . The sewer credit will be provided on your next utility bill.

Assistance is Available
There are places you can turn to if you need help with paying your  utility bill. Several different applications are available to assist low income residents with their utility bill. Emergency financial help is provided by numerous federal and state government organizations as well as charities. There are also non-profits that may offer grants for paying a portion of an utility bill and there are solutions, such as payment plans.  The Bucks County Opportunity Council can provide weatherization assistance to help residents cut costs.  The Bucks County Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program  is a grant provided by Bucks County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) with a maximum amount of $15,000.


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