Stay Safe During an Outage

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Weather can wreck havoc on electric facilities

  • Wind, lightning, heavy rains and flooding and other severe weather conditions can cause damage to utility facilities and disrupt electric service. The Borough of Quakertown Electric Department is committed to keeping the lights on and being responsive when the lights go out. When customers lose service, we'll make every effort to get power back on as soon as possible.
  • The Borough of Quakertown Electric Department tracks weather forecasts and plans strategy for quickly mobilizing staffing and materials for a storm response. This involves handling more customer calls, assessing equipment damage, dispatching crews to make repairs, and many other activities to restore electric service to affected customers as quickly as possible.
  • With destructive storms, the Borough of Quakertown Electric Department wants to hear from customers when power is affected. The more customers who call, the better we can assess the storm's impact and more effectively respond. While we understand most consumers would prefer to reach a customer service representative, the Borough of Quakertown’s answering service allows us to handle many calls at a time, collect customers' outage information faster, group nearby outages together and help operations personnel analyze trouble.
  • Storms can cut off power for long periods of time and leave you in the dark. That's the last place we want you to be. We have personnel available 24 hours a day, everyday, on call. We are committed to keeping your lights on and providing you with reliable service. However, if your lights do go out, you can be sure we will make every effort to get your power back on as soon as possible.