Reporting an Outage

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In the unlikely event there is a power outage there are a few steps to follow BEFORE contacting the Quakertown Electric Department.

If your power goes out check to verify that your neighbors are also out of power. If they still have power, the problem may be limited to your home.

Once you determine whether the problem is limited to your home or is an area problem you can call the electric department to inform them of the outage.

If the outage is during normal business hours, which are M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, call 215-536-5001 to notify us that there is an outage. If the outage occurs after normal business hours call the Borough of Quakertown's emergency number 215-721-3520.

If you saw or heard anything prior to the outage, let us know about that too, this could help speed the repair. If the outage is caused by extreme weather, our workers will try to make the repair as quickly as possible, but note this type of outage may take longer to repair. Do not periodically call back to inform us that your power is still out, we are aware of the outage and will repair it as quickly as possible.

If you notice that your neighbor’s electricity is back on and yours has not come back on, please check your main breaker to verify that all your breaker’s are on. Occasionally when the power goes out your breakers may trip and will need to be reset in order to restore your power. If you have verified your neighborhood power is on and you have verified that your breakers are on please call us to inform us of the outage now being limited to your home. Again we will try to restore power as quickly as possible.

In extreme weather conditions, the outages will be repaired on a priority basis. Large areas will be powered back, then smaller areas, all the way to individual homes being the last but not least priority.