Electric Audit

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If you are concerned about your electric usage and whether or not your meter is working properly, rest assured the Borough is on your side.

We can test your electric meter. In order to test your electric meter, you must come to Borough Hall and request the test and pay the $75.00 testing fee for single phase or $120.00 for three phase. If your meter is found to be defective, you will receive a refund of your testing fee. Please note that when electric meters fail, they read less usage over time more often than giving excessive usage.

If you are interested in determining the usage by an applicance in your home, you can rent a “Kil-o-watt” for a security deposit of $25.00. This device is used by plugging into the wall and the appliance is plugged into it. After some time of usage, you will be able to see exactly how much electricity the appliance actually uses.

If you are interested in borrowing the “Kil-o-watt”, please contact Borough Hall at 215.536.5001 to verify if it is available.