Zoning Regulations

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All Borough residents are required to follow the zoning regulations for the Borough.

Some important items to remember are the following:

  • Garage or Yard sales must be held between 9 am and 10 pm Monday through Saturday. There is a $10 fee, and a permit is needed which can be secured in the zoning office or it can be downloaded and dropped off at Borough Hall. Sunday sales are not permitted.
  • Permits are required for using a metal detector in the park system.
  • Cars must be registered, inspected and in operable condition or must be placed in a fully enclosed building.

The Zoning Ordinance regulates land use and development throughout the Borough depending on the zoning district:

  • LR - Low Density Residential District
  • MR - Medium Density Residential District
  • HR - High Density Residential District
  • TC - Town Center District
  • NC - Neighborhood Commercial District
  • HC - Highway Commercial District
  • OB - Office/Business District
  • H - Hospital District
  • LI - Light Industrial District

Descriptions and limits or requirements for each district can be found by going to the Borough Codes.