Parking Permit

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December 17, 2018


Dear Business Community Partners:

Please be advised that the Borough will be offering business parking permits for metered parking spaces beginning December 19, 2018. The permits are only offered for sale to business owners, employers, and employees of downtown businesses and are NOT available for residential use.

The permits are $150.00 per calendar year and are prorated throughout the year. They can be purchased at Borough Hall during Borough Hall business hours. The permits are designed to be displayed on the vehicle’s rear-view mirror and are only valid in the designated metered parking spaces identified below.  For your convenience, we have made the permits transferable for employees and vehicles within your business to help accommodate varying schedules.

As you know, Thanksgiving Day through January 1st of each year, the Borough allows free parking, so these permits will become necessary, if you should choose to purchase any, commencing on January 2nd.

The triangle parking lot may be metered by a parking kiosk sometime in the near future. As the need for more metered parking spaces increases, the Borough may be looking to make other metered parking spaces available for the downtown area.



Permit parking is permissible at any parking meter identified with an orange band on the parking meter post or in any parking space identified with orange lines.


The permissible areas are:


Any parking meter on Branch Street

The Triangle Parking Lot, Branch Street Side

Any parking meter on 3rd Street


Parking Permits are NOT valid at any metered parking space on East or West Broad Streets.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Borough offices at 215-536-5001.

Thank you.

Scott C. McElree

Borough Manager/Chief of Police